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1968 MGB GT


1968 MGB GT

As you can see MGBs feature throughout in our choice of cars, and for good reason. Classic Italian design meets classic British sports car. Wether it's in convertible or hard top guise, there's no denying that the "B" is a great looker.
The long bonnet and gradually sloping rear are the hallmarks of a grand tourer. Old English white paintwork, chrome wire wheels and a full length fabric sunroof define the looks.
Inside features new leather seating and Smiths instruments dash board. As you enter the driving seat you're welcomed by the fabulous period wooden steering wheel, and a perfect driving position. There's generous leg room for both driver and passenger. 
Behind the front seats, there's a further bench seat that can accommodate two small children, making this a great car for a family day out. Or alternatively the seats can be folded down to provide a generous boot area suitable for additional luggage. A feature that makes her ideally suited to a few days away on tour.
Power is as usual provided by the 1.8litre B series engine, and an overdrive gearbox helps when cruising. And when the suns out? Well the full length sunroof  makes her feel almost like the convertible. Possibly the best of both worlds!

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