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Classic Cars in a Classic Location


1975 MGB

The Second of our "B"s, the Show Stopper, is from the first year of production for the rubber bumper models, although as you can see she's had a change to chrome bumpers. Introduced in 1975 the rubber bumper models also featured an increased ride hide to comply with safety constraints in the American market. Take a closer look and you'll see that ours still features the increased ride height. 

Other revisions in this year included updated switch gear, which whilst it will feel more natural is still some way behind the interiors of modern vehicles. Thankfully the Smiths instruments remained.

Inside our car also features classic period vinyl seating with smart white piping and a sports steering wheel. The roof is new and can be easily dropped or raised as required. 

Once on the open road she feels a little more feisty than the Red Head. With less sound proofing in the boot, and no overdrive on the gearbox, there's more noise connecting you with the outside.

Finished in Old English White she makes a great grooms day wedding car, as well as being fabulous for any special occasion.

She has a reasonable size boot, however we recommend the use of soft bags as opposed to suitcases for luggage. There's is also a very useful luggage rack mounted on the boot. 

The first days hire cost is £165, and subsequent days are £100 each.

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