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1974 MGB

The first of our "B"s comes from the final year of production prior to the introduction of the rubber bumper models. Affectionately known as the Red Head, she features comfortable fabric seating, a mohair roof, and quirky switch gear left over from the sixties.

Once inside her you'll wonder why modern cars don't have such squishy seats. In front of you will be a sports steering wheel that seems to be positioned just right, and behind it those traditional Smiths Instruments. 

The quirky switch gear will take a little getting used to. There's plenty of fun to be had guessing what they do, but fear not we'll make sure your familiar with each one before taking to the open road.

Twin SU carbs, and a sporty exhaust note add to the character of her. A manual choke means a little fettling is required as she warms up, but after the first few miles you'll be settling down to an enjoyable drive.

She has a reasonable size boot to accommodate luggage, however we recommend the use of soft holdalls as the area is not suitable for cases. If you require additional luggage capacity then we can include a boot rack for you. 

The first days hire is £165 and subsequent days are £100 each.

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