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Time for a Spin,

We are pleased to see that we are now getting plenty of enquiries about hiring our cars, whether its just for a chance to get out in the great British countryside or for a special occasion. Of course the first question we get is "are you able to hire cars at the moment?". The answer put simply is "Yes we are hiring".

Currently restrictions mean that travel is limited to essential use only, and naturally its quite a challenge to justify how popping our for a spin in a classic is essential. Thankfully as the restrictions are now easing, and from 12th April day trips and visits to outdoor events are allowed. What better way is there to get there than in one of these beauties?

Whats not clear is when we'll be able to travel abroad, so why not make your staycation a little more interesting? There's no need to travel far, with so many attractions nearby, and these make the journey so much more enjoyable.

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