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The Perfect Wedding Car....

Well its fair to say that everyone has their own view on this. For many it just has to be a classic Rolls Royce, chauffeur driven with room in the back for the bride and father to enjoy a few special moments before the big event. A classic jaguar fits the bill equally well and makes a great alternative.

But what about a classic two seater sports car? A little too cosy perhaps? It would seem not. Our Show Stopper has proved very popular at weddings this year, and with a little thought provides a number of alternative scenarios that just aren't available with a chauffeur driven car. The car can either be used by the Groom and Best man, to arrive in style, or the Brides father can take the option of personally driving the bride. Then once the ceremony is over, there can be no better way to travel to the reception. A bit more intimate, a little more private, and great for the pictures.

Our Show Stopper was recently hired by a local couple for their wedding at Wing Church and they kindly sent a few photos for our blog. We think you'll agree they look great. Oh and the car looks good too! Congratulations Charlie and Alistair, and thanks for the pictures.

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