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A Word from a Friend!

As you'll have seen from my last few posts we are currently working on our little red Spitfire. This continues, and at present the car is not yet completed to the standard we would like it to be. Although she looks presentable and runs well, there a few more items we'd still like to complete. Notwithstanding this, we have still been getting enquiries for hiring the car, and there was one in particular that we felt could not be declined. So this weeks words from Paddy........

"Having driven my wife Julie in my own S-reg blue Spitfire on our first date 30 years ago, it was fabulous to be able to loan your beautiful red classic Spit. Right from when it fired up it felt like being home again - there is nothing quite like that throaty roar, and it handled beautifully and behaved itself all day. It was a lot of fun to take it to Oxford where it turned plenty of tourist heads and was the focus of much admiration, which we were happy to enjoy even though we only had it for 24 hours. Thanks for helping us recreate the glory days of 1989."

I have attached some pictures of the car outside Exeter College, Hertford College, and by the Radcliffe.

Best wishes


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