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How Good was MGLive?

Thanks to the guys at the MG Car Club last weekends festival at Silverstone was a fantastic success that featured over 3000 MGs.

Naturally enough there was some great racing on the circuit, but not only that for there was even an opportunity to drive your own car around this historic circuit.

But it wasn't just about the racing, with so many cars on site there was an opportunity to get a real appreciation for this mark from its early days to its modern incarnation. The event was also supported by stunt shows, competitions and a whole host of activities that made it a great festival for everyone. And not only they managed to get the weather right too!

We're fortunate to be around 45 minutes from Silverstone so attending MGlive, or other events at Silverstone makes for a great and easy day out. So if you're thinking about visiting Silverstone, and fancy arriving in classic sports car why not get in touch and hire one of our MGs?

Show Stopper ready for Silverstone

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