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No MOT Required?

There has been much publicity recently about the changes in MOT legislation, and that cars over 40 years of age will no longer require their annual test. This brings the requirements in line with the European standards and has been made on the basis of two assumptions:

(1) That the test is less relevant to older vehicles as it is geared more towards more modern ones, and

(2) That classic cars are generally the pride and joy of their owners, and therefore subject to more regular and fastidious maintenance and care.

Now, of course, for the majority of us number 2 is most definitely true, but I would also suggest that the safety aspects of the MOT remain as important for any car irrespective of its age. As is often the case its important to look beyond the headlines, and dig a little into the detail. So what more is there to understand?

Well currently cars over 40 years are exempt from road tax. At the time of renewal the car is registered as historical, and this allows the car to be taxed for 12 months at no cost. Prior to the changes in MOT legislation, this renewal would have been subject to the car having had

a valid certificate, and indeed insurance. Now as part of the change the car is not only registered as historic, but the owner can also declare it as roadworthy and choose not to have it MOT'd.

The key part here is that the owner has a choice. Here at Bucks Classic Car Hire we believe that the MOT forms an important part of the maintenance regime, and affords an opportunity to carry out a thorough inspection of the vehicle which is not always easy to do. So we shall continue to submit our cars for inspection, and will remedy any items that are identified as part of the test.

Not only does this benefit us, but it also gives you the assurance, that as well as our own ongoing maintenance, the vehicles have been independently inspected for your safety.

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