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Why Drive a Classic Car?

Its probably fair to say that in practically every measurable way the average modern car will outscore an average classic car. Technological advancement has provided a level of economy, safety, and performance that was once only achievable, if at all, in the most expensive of sports and luxury cars. Even the cars that could have provided these features would still have struggled to match the reliability of modern vehicles.

Inside the modern interior has advanced equally as far. Instruments, ergonomics and connectivity bear little resemblance to the interiors of yesteryear.

Car design is also an area of dynamic change. Of course many cars are designed for a specific purpose, or for several purposes, and can often be seen as fashionable items. The great thing about design is if its done well, then it will always look good.

So thanks to the great automotive advances, we can simply jump in our cars, start the engine and head to our destination. As a means of getting from one place to another, generally its pretty good. But somehow, sometimes I think this misses the point. Of course most of us lead busy lives and travel can be a time consuming activity, that is necessary, but ultimately only a means to an end.

Well many of us will have memories of cars from our past. Most will say that they wouldn't want to go back there, but despite the short comings, there was something more memorable about driving. Daily and weekly checks were needed before setting off. Most cars, with their manual choke settings, had their own unique starting process. In fact thanks to old production methods, even two supposedly identical cars probably weren't the same at all!

And what of driving a car from days gone by. Well you certainly needed to be concentrating. Acceleration was slower, so overtaking took some planning, braking distances were longer, and cornering speeds lower. Suspension systems were less well damped meaning the car would move more with the undulations in the road. So back to the question in our title, why drive a classic car? Well I believe its simply driving a classic that makes your journey an event in itself. You don't just jump in and forget about, you become part of it.

So once in a while its just a great thing to be able to make the journey in something special. That's what Bucks Classic Hire is here for. When you've got that little bit of precious time free why not make the journey itself an event to remember?

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